About the Book


A wealthy archaeologist finds the discovery of a lifetime in present day Italy. The importance of what he unearths could rewrite all of history as we know it. While his story begins, another one unfolds that connects the present with the ancient past.


It is a period of great darkness for the Roman Empire. The year is A.D. 180 and the kingdom is in civil unrest. One man rises amidst the chaos and secures the throne. He instills the hope of peace with his rise to power. For many years his wife remains in seclusion with no apparent heir in sight. Then, without warning, she comes out of hiding and reveals a son.


This is the story of Marek Septimus, and how he grew from a boy surrounded by the seductions of an Empire to a man bound by duty. Along the way he learns what it means to live, to love, and to sacrifice. It is the tale about the prince of an Empire and how his choices ultimately affect the entire world. It is a book of promise, power, and passion. It reveals the very legacy of an Empire.


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